Step Farming

Step Farming

Step farming is like creating a magical garden on different levels.


D LIDDER ENTERPRISES makes step farming easy and fun for you! Imagine a garden that’s like a staircase, with one step above the other. Sounds interesting, right? Well we can create that for you! You’ll see that each step has its own little fascinating world of plants and flowers. It’s more like a green rainbow you can climb on! So, lets build these beautiful steps for you in your backyard together!

How Step Framing Works?

We start by building a nice structure in your garden with different levels, just like the layers of a foundation. Then, we fill each level with rich soil and plant all sorts of flowers, plants, and even some other greeneries if you like! At D LIDDER ENTERPRISES, we’re real experts at step farming. We’ll help you design the most magical and colorful step garden you can imagine. With us, you are sure to get nothing less than the best.


Make Your Garden a Piece of Art

Step farming is a great way to make your garden look like a haven. It’s like creating your very own little fairytale garden, and it’s not just for grown-ups but kids love it too! With step farming we can help you grow various beautiful flowers and plants, and it’s perfect for small spaces. Plus, it’s like a secret garden adventure, because you can explore each step and see what’s growing. It’s great for the environment too, and it welcomes friendly insects and birds.

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